A combination of wool and washing technology means caring for wool garments has never been easier, but it still pays to take note of that tiny tag, tucked away in your new purchase.

Your INTACT care label is a hidden gem that can rekindle your relationship with your clothes. It’s your user guide 101 that steps you through the ideal care process and gives you a quick insight into what your garment’s made of. If followed, you can avoid disappointment (aka the ultimate wool faux pas - shrinking), and extend the life of your lovely woollen purchase. 

We’re notorious tag turners, so here are our three reasons why getting to know your care label matters. 

tag turner australian merino wool INTACT

1. Know your fibre 

The INTACT ethos is about moving beyond just selling clothes, to shifting the fashion industry from fast fashion to timeless style, using natural fibres. We want people to slow down and make conscious choices about the clothing they wear. 

Australian Merino wool is a premium sustainable fibre, globally renowned for its natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable qualities. Choosing to use 100% Australian Merino wool is our commitment to the environment and a better fashion future. Our origin story starts in our backyard, the wool used in our garments is sourced from Australian woolgrowers and meets global quality standards having been through rigorous industry testing and certification processes.

2. Reduce waste 

By learning about your garment care options, you too can be a waste warrior. We started INTACT with the end in mind, and can guarantee your garment won’t end up as landfill. Wool is 100% biodegradable, so unlike synthetics, it doesn’t contribute to microplastic pollution. Choosing wool means no nasties for our land or waterways. 

As a natural fibre, wool is our ticket to a better fashion future. Wool’s fancy features including stain, odour and wrinkle resistance lend itself to garments that require less washing and drying, which in turn lightens the load on the planet and your wallet. 

To put it in perspective, compared to our fashion counterparts, Woolmark found wool uses 18% less energy than polyester and nearly 70% less water than cotton to produce 100 sweaters. If you’re conscious about where your clothes will end up and impact on the environment, wool is the kind of fabric you want to be wearing.   

3. Keep it INTACT

The INTACT care message goes hand in hand with our sustainability goals. We’ve kept it simple, wear more, wash less so you can enjoy your garments for years to come. Paired with a few extra details for when you do need to wash, the care tag will make sure you’re confident keeping your 100% Australian Merino wool garment intact.  

Take note of the symbols. Some wool mixes lend themselves to delicate machine wash, others need extra TLC and are best washed by hand. Always use cold to lukewarm water and choose a mild or gentle detergent (wool detergents are wonderful). Steer clear of the dryer and instead lie your wool garment flat in the shade to retain its shape.    

When in doubt, turn the tag, and get to know a little more about your clothing choices. By choosing INTACT you’re making a long term investment and creating a thoughtful wardrobe that will remain intact for years to come. 

Learn more about the fancy fibre that is the foundation of the INTACT collection.

April 01, 2022