At the start of each year I always make a point of writing down my goals.

Sometimes they’re big, sometimes they’re small and sometimes they’re just damn right wishful thinking, and recording a podcast was classified as the latter.

Seeds For Success is a podcast that shares the stories of people having a go, and doing things differently in the ag space, and I was excited to share my story.

australian fashion start up INTACT podcast

From farm to fashion: how the drought inspired this sustainable fashion line

A podcast by the Central West Local Land Services

From farm, fibre to fashion - INTACT was a few years in the making, and there were so many memories, mentors, and moments which all played a pivotal role in bringing it to life.

From growing up on the family farm, working in fashion and then watching on as the drought ravished the outback.

If you’ve got a spare 25 mins and want to learn more about the backstory of INTACT, why we chose to work with wool and what we're trying to do differently, I’d love for you to take a listen.  


australian fashion start up podcast episode merino wool INTACT
"Gabby Neal is a fashion designer and entrepreneur, who was born into a wool-growing family in Condobolin. She eventually moved to Sydney to attend high school, where she stayed to study fashion before moving to New York to advance her career.
In 2017, she returned home to the farm in the middle of a drought and was inspired to create INTACT — a fashion label focused on ethically and sustainably sourced products that celebrate the versatility of wool. In this episode, Gabby explains how helping her family feed sheep during the recent drought inspired her to create change for her family, and the wool industry as a whole, beyond the farm gates.
She shares her realisation of the wool-shaped gap in the market, as a sustainable response to fast fashion.
Finally, Gabby breaks down the outdated perceptions of wool and explains how she's showcasing the fibre in a whole new light."
Listen to the INTACT podcast here.
January 21, 2023