When it comes to maintaining the quality and longevity of our favourite merino wool garments, proper storage is key.

Whether it's a cosy knit or beautiful blazer, a family heirloom or special buy, particularly for your merino wool garments or any made from 100% natural fibres, it's important we give them that extra love and attention to help protect them and ensure we can wear them for plenty of seasons to come.

Tips to remember when storing your winter wool wardrobe

Air Out After Use 

Before storing your merino wool garments, always allow them to breathe and air out after each use to avoid any musty smells or unwanted mould growth.

Particularly when we tend to be around things like fire buckets in winter, a simple hack to remove any unwanted smells from your merino wool items is to hang or lay them flat in a well ventilated area for a few hours and this will release any build up of moisture and odour. 

Wash Before Storing

Cleanliness plays a vital role in the storage of merino wool clothing. Before storing always make sure your garments are thoroughly clean. Food stains, body oils, and other residues can attract moths and unwanted critters leading to potential damage. Always follow the care instructions on the garment's care label and wash them accordingly. Once cleaned, ensure they are completely dry before packing away.

Hanging vs. Folding 

When it comes to storing merino wool clothing, it's essential to choose the right method to preserve their shape. For woven merino wool items like shirts and dresses and blazers, hanging is the preferred option. However, always use padded hangers or fold them over the hanger to avoid any unwanted stretching or shape distortion.

On the other hand, knitted merino wool pieces such as jumpers and cardigans along with those in the INTACT Capsule Collection, are best stored by folding them in a drawer or on a shelf. Somewhere where they're not compressed or overcrowded. This will prevent any unnecessary stress on the delicate fibres and ensure they retain their structural integrity and shape.

Store In Airtight Bags

Finally, and this is especially important at the end of the winter season, consider using airtight bags or your INTACT calico garment bag for an extra layer of protection. These bags will help to keep your merino wool clothing safe from moths, dust, and other potential contaminants.

merino wool clothing care instructions


Have more questions?

See our INTACT product care page for more tips to love and look after your merino wool clothing. 

June 18, 2023