Hello sun. INTACT is ready to keep you fresh this summer, with lightweight and easy breezy Merino wool staples. Read on to learn why summer and INTACT really are the perfect pair. 

merino knit wool dress


The days are stretching out and you need a wardrobe that will keep you fresh from dawn to dusk. It’s a good thing wool and warm weather were always meant to be. 

Merino wool in summer?

There’s more than just winter warmers when it comes to this fancy fibre. 

That’s right. Merino wool can help keep the summer sweats at bay, and keep you feeling fresh. 

A lightweight and breathable choice, Merino wool is a worthy investment for a warm weather wardrobe. The combination of natural fibre, moisture wicking and temperature regulating properties are exactly what your staples need to make summer a breeze. 

Unlike synthetic fabrics, Merino wool works with the seasons and your body temperature. Many are surprised to learn wool garments keep you cool when it’s hot, which means on those searing summer days, wearing wool means less sweat on your body. In fact, wool fabrics can move 25% more moisture away from your skin than polyester fabrics.  

But isn’t cotton the summer go-to? We’re all for cotton, but if staying fresh for longer is your end-game, know that wool outperforms cotton in the odour stakes. 

Even on your most active summer days, wool will keep you cool and dry. Wool has the comfort factor thanks to its ability to move moisture through the fabric, and wool can absorb up to 35% of its weight before feeling wet and clinging to the skin

In summer terms, sweat won’t get trapped next to your skin, you have a better chance of staying dry and less chance of bacteria build up - so less funky smells. 

Another lesser-known benefit of wool is sun protection, Merino wool is naturally UV absorbing and offers a natural protection from harmful rays. Beach days and summer outdoor activities are covered with this natural wonder; wool really is the perfect fibre to blend into your wardrobe and keep on rotation throughout the year. 

Merino wool knit skirt


The INTACT collection is designed to see you through summer and beyond, with a mix of versatile pieces that will be loved for years to come. Not only does style meet function, but the next-to-skin comfort makes these Merino wool clothing staples a delight to wear no matter the occasion.  

If you’re looking to start your summer wool wardrobe, the INTACT signature singlet is a season must-have. A lightweight, breezy base layer that you will reach for on repeat - dress up or down, layer up or know you’ll breathe easy with this wool essential in your summer sweat sessions.  

The INTACT uniform tee will give you the extra coverage needed to round out your day. Comfort and function combine in this beautiful staple, which will keep you fresh from work to after five and adventures further afield. 

Summer wool looks good on you. Check out the INTACT collection and experience the wonder of wool for the sunshine filled days ahead.   

November 03, 2022