When it comes to Merino wool clothing, the perks are aplenty. Not only are they naturally stain and odour-resistant, allowing you to wear more and wash less, ultimately using less water and energy, but as a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre, they also help you tread a little lighter when it comes to the environment.

Wear more, Wash less

While you can sometimes get up to 20 wears out of your merino wool garments before they need a wash, inevitably life (kids...coffee...general life mishaps) can happen and you'll find they need a bit of a TLC. 

When this happens, hand washing is a simple, easy, and time efficient way to care for your Merino wool clothes.

How To Hand Wash In 5 Simple Steps

When that inevitable time comes for a little wash, follow these 5 steps for a gentle and effective hand washing routine:

  1. Fill with water: Begin by filling your sink or a bucket with cold / lukewarm water. No need to scald those precious fibres!

  2. Add your wool wash: Make sure to read and follow the instructions labelled on your wool wash first!

  3. Gently agitate: Gently agitate the clothing in the water, making sure not to be too rough.

  4. Soak: Allow the garments to soak for roughly five minutes. 

  5. Rinse with care: After they've soaked, rinse your pieces thoroughly with clean water. But remember, no wringing or twisting allowed – treat them with care, they're made from natural fibres after all.

Master The Art of Drying

Now that your Merino wool wonders are freshly cleansed, it's time to dry them to perfection. Follow these tips to ensure they keep their shape and charm:

  1. Lay Them Flat In The Shade: After washing, lay your garments flat in the shade. No direct sunlight, please.

  2. Steer Clear of Heat & Direct Sunlight: Avoid exposing your precious pieces to direct heat. Sun and heat can make their fibres brittle and potentially cause discolouration.

  3. Let Them Breathe Naturally: Allow your garments to air dry naturally. Dryers are too intense and can lead to unwanted shrinkage and damage.

  4. The Magic of Rest: After their refreshing bath and leisurely drying, give your garments a much-deserved rest of up to 24 hours before wearing or storing them. This grace period helps them recover fully and regain their natural shape.

A little TLC goes a long way in making sure your wardrobe remains INTACT. 

Join us as we support a better fashion future and embrace Merino wool's exceptional qualities for everyday wear. 

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September 05, 2023