Wool has never gone out of style, which is why 100% Australian Merino wool takes centre stage in our capsule collection featuring timeless staples, designed to inspire a new way of wearing wool.

For years wool has nestled itself quietly and confidently into our wardrobes. A premium fibre with benefits to boot; naturally soft, wrinkle free, breathable, odour and stain resistant, these are just some of the (modern) reasons why wool has been a wardrobe mainstay for thousands of years. 

A fancy fibre with plenty to give, 100% Australian Merino wool is the ideal pairing for INTACT, a brand on a mission to make wool a feature of the everyday and create thoughtful wardrobes that will remain - intact. Wool has proved its worth year after year, and at a time where a rethink of the entire fashion story is needed, fabrication is a natural starting point.           

Grown to last

With longevity and quality craftsmanship at its core, wool ticks all the boxes for creating a wardrobe that will last and is backed by research. The Woolmark Company found that wool garments are amongst the longest kept in the wardrobe, are washed less and tend to live on (our grandparents were onto something). 

Hand-me-downs, op shop finds and nanna’s knitted jumpers aside, wool is one of the super players for the future of fashion. It’s a fibre that gives a firm nod to the slow fashion movement, having been lovingly grown right here in our backyard. Australia is the leading global supplier of wool, the world’s largest wool exporter nation and we’re also responsible for producing 90% of the world’s fine apparel wool. Put simply, wool is a homegrown hero and INTACT celebrates the flawless fibre in its entirety, from farm to fashion. 

A feature of the everyday

The idea behind a wool capsule collection is inspired by industry; Woolmark found 1 in every 10 items comprises wool, with sweaters, jackets, coats and scarves the most likely to be made from wool or wool blends. We’ve taken this one step further to add more woolly layers to your wardrobe, by creating effortless staples that can be worn on high rotation throughout the year, and for years to come. 

The INTACT collection is more than just winter warmers. From elegant suiting to everyday tees, sweat-friendly base layers and comfy basics, we want to show how easily wool blends into the everyday. INTACT garments are designed with versatility in mind, wear individually or pair together, our range can take you from the morning run, through the workday, to social outings and adventures further afield.    

100% Australian Merino wool is a conscious choice, we’re building a brand that supports better clothing choices for a better fashion future. This is why we’ve started with the end in mind, using a natural fibre that can give back to the planet and until then, be transformed into thoughtful wardrobe staples that will last. 

Learn more about the INTACT circular fashion vision.

April 02, 2022