The slow fashion movement is gaining momentum and it’s never been a better time to rethink your wardrobe.   

We created the INTACT garment range with the end in mind. Using natural fibres (hello 100% Australian Merino wool) and circular fashion principles, we’re a brand committed to doing our bit to address some of the fashion industry's biggest challenges.

Keep it simple

The INTACT capsule collection is our answer to a better fashion future, through carefully curated, 100% Australian Merino wool staples that will remain intact. We’ve combined the capsule concept with our vision to create thoughtful wardrobes, which is about simplicity, longevity and lowering your ‘cost per wear’; the price you pay, minus washing and maintenance costs, divided by the number of times worn.  

Typically a condensed version of your wardrobe, capsule collections focus on essential wardrobe items that can transcend seasons. The focus is on functionality, garments can be mixed and matched so you get more wear out of your purchase. 

Capsule collections focus on smaller production runs which can help us tread a little lighter when it comes to environmental costs. Then there's the fibre, choosing Merino wool means your garment will never end up as landfill. 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable, wool is a wonder fibre and a wonderful investment for your wardrobe.

Invest in your fashion future

Investing in INTACT woollen staples that can live on for years to come is a simple way to make conscious fashion choices for the future. The INTACT collection is big on style and function; from the morning run, through the workday, to social outings and adventures further afield, our signature pieces show how easily wool blends into the everyday. 

Our capsule collection and fibre choice give a firm nod to the slow fashion movement. Globally, the fashion industry is big business with a big problem. Fashion is one of the highest polluting industries and according to an international Greenpeace study, the average person now buys 60 per cent more clothing and keeps them for about half as long as 15 years ago. 

Closer to home, Australia has the unfortunate reputation for being the second highest consumer of textiles per person in the world, after the United States of America, and we are disposing an average 23 kilograms of clothing to landfill each year. 

The numbers are staggering and the challenge of turning these trends around is real. 

INTACT is a clothing label with a vision to change the way we consume fashion and celebrate Merino wool - coined by industry as the world’s premium sustainable fibre. Join us as we embark on our journey to create innovative clothing that can keep your wardrobe (and footprint) INTACT.

Turn the tag and learn how to care for your INTACT wool garment. 

April 02, 2022