In todays fast-paced society, self-care and wellness have become much more than a nice-to-have as they are a necessity for those seeking to maintain their physical and mental health.

Tash Coggan, a wellness entrepreneur with a thirst for the wanderlust, shares her personal journey of how incorporating these practices into her daily routine not not only led to a happier, healthier, and more balanced lifestyle, but also inspired her to start two businesses - Slow House and Remedi Room - that focus on holistic wellness and self-care.

In this interview, Tash shares an insight as to where her passion for all things wellness and self-care began, her tips for keeping it intact, juggling two business, as well as her best-kept secrets for getting brekkie, sweating it out, enjoying Saturday cocktails, and recharging the soul in Bondi.

Join us as we dive into Tash's world and uncover the secrets to self-care.

Tash! You're the brains behind Slow House & Remedi Room in Bondi, tell us a little bit about these and how the idea came about?

Slow House was something that came about during 2020 pandemic lockdowns. We invested in our own infrared sauna and home and started incorporating ice baths between work breaks and home schooling. After noticing such a positive shift in mindset within all of us I said to my husband, "Why isn’t there anywhere like this in the eastern suburbs? Why can't I access a sauna & ice baths in an environment that brings me a sense of calm in the Eastern Suburbs?".

All I could find was sports clubs and gyms, and I wanted to emulate the feeling of being at home or closer to being at a spa. Two years after opening Slow House we found that our clients were looking for everything to be a little easier. We had health, we had detox but we didn’t have the extras they were looking for, so introducing the option to not only look after your body from the inside, we wanted to be able to offer our clients to look after themselves and feel good from the outside– the perfect cross between recovery and day spa.

Enter... Remedi Room. Who doesn’t want to hit a fire & ice session followed by a bespoke facial and massage? Sounds like 2hrs of bliss to me!

What did you do before this that led you to where you are today?

Honestly, I worked in the fashion industry! I spent a lot of time travelling when I left school, snowboarding all around Canada following the Winter season. I started sauna bathing during this time to help with the sore body I constantly felt! That’s when I first fell in love with saunas and the incredible benefits.

Over time, it became a passion project to learn more and then I continued to turn this passion project into a business and leave the fashion industry.

You launched Slow House in 2020 and Remedi Room late last year, juggling two businesses is no small feat, what does a typical day look like for you?

It’s busy! Half the week we have my husband’s children so it’s often early mornings at PT or Pilates, walking the dog, getting the kids off to school & making my way into Bondi. If I get to work early enough I always try to start my day with a quick sauna & ice bath especially when I have meetings.

An ice bath is non-negotiable when I have a busy day and need to be “on” – I always feel so much more motivated and less foggy when I start my day with the ice bath. After work it’s just the regular, groceries, dinner and more recently in Summer a margarita with my husband by the pool to wind down, I can’t say no to that!

What's your favourite treatment on the menu? If you had to choose one to recommend for someone's first time?

10000% the PRP Treatment. It has completely changed my skin – I am beyond obsessed and have booked in almost every single one of my friends and family to experience it. I get comments on my skin daily due to this treatment!

We know Summer in the city can be full on, between juggling work and play, how do you keep it INTACT?

I regularly check in with myself. If I am starting to feel overwhelmed or exhausted, I am not afraid to say no. I am a bit of a homebody, so I really need that time at home, doing nothing to recharge. That’s my power bank. So being at home, in my space is super important to me. I always try to have a day a week where I work from home to allow a bit of flexibility and if that’s not possible, I allocate a day or afternoon on the weekend where I am just here, with family.

Perusing your Instagram, we get the feeling you have the travel itch more often than not, tell us what's been your favourite destination and what's next on the bucket list? 

My husband and I love to travel. It’s a non-negotiable in our home. Each year we have something fun planned! My favourite destination is Mexico. We recently came back from the most beautiful trip along the Baja Coast, and it was just a dream! Next, I am actually off next month to LA & NYC for a few weeks with some girlfriends! A fun trip to Coachella is snuck in there too! I am super excited for New York– this will be my first time!

Best tips when it comes to planning, packing, and organising your trip?

I am a HUGE iPhone notes gal– everything is written down and reminders. Alarms are set for restaurant booking openings, lists, you name it, I’ve got it written down and planned. I also always have a good quality suitcase that’s going to be easy to dash from location to location. Rimowa is the best investment I have ever made – that thing will be buried with me.

Now, keeping it local, we want your best-kept secrets for:

Getting brekkie? Depot or Bills – my ultimate faves!

Sweating it out? I do a mix of PT, Pilates, and Solo training, so my 3 go-to’s in the east are PT sessions with Jono Castano at Acero, Pilates with Body by Berner and I also hit the gym at Beach Fit Bondi!

Saturday cocktails? I cannot go past a cocktail at Tottis

Recharging the soul? Sunrise Sauna, followed by an ocean dip and the beauty glow smoothie from Wholefoods House.


Lastly, what are some of the words you live by?

Speak with purpose and intention and be present with the ones you love.


Tash wears the Merino Wool Dress

May 24, 2023